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Scope of application
  • ZTL-4550 is a fully automatic "L" sealing machine, widely used for mass production of packaging running water operations, high efficiency, automatic film delivery, automatic perforation and manual adjustment of the film guide equipment and manual adjustment of feed platform, applicable to different widths and heights of products, ZTL-4550 model also has a compact function, for packaging small products design; The sealing knife is made of wear-resistant copper blade. The surface is coated with U. S. DuPontfeyron coating to resist adhesive and high temperature. The transmission system is equipped with "ohmlong" to detect photoelectric, horizontal and vertical detection of each group, easy to switch the choice, for the thin and small packaging, can easily complete the sealing packaging operation; The feeding system is regulated by an electric eye and a timer, with a proximity sensor switch, Taiwan; The waste collection system is equipped with a close-connected induction switch and gear deceleration motor, which can automatically transfer the original electronic brake.

  • ※ ztl-4550 is a full automation of "l" type sealing machine, widely used in mass production packaging flow shop, high efficiency, automatically send membrane, automatic punch and can manually guide membrane device and manually feed delivery platform for different width and height of the product, ztl-4550 models also has a dense pick function, designed to packaging small design; seal knife with wear copper blade, surface coating DuPont Teflon coated anti-stick high temperature, sealing not crack, will not coking, not smoke zero pollution; transport system with a "Omron" detection photoelectric, level, vertical testing one each group, easy to switch choice, for thin and small packages, can be easily complete sealing packaging job; feeding systems by electric eye and timer regulator with proximity sensor switch, Taiwan; income waste system with proximity sensor switch and gear Motor, automatic income turn original electronic brake and gear Motor, can be accurate sent required shrink the length of excess shrink; heating system with the original "Omron" digital thermostat and "Omron" solid state relay, built-pid function, seal knife temperature extremely sensitive and accurate, free to set, do not have to worry about temperature inaccurate injury and product; the machine seal knife part with anti-cut proximity sensor switch, you can automatically protection seal knife, effectively prevent error cut packaging, greatly improve the operator of security; supporting contraction packaging machine can truly and production line of unmanned operation connection.
  • Apply to a variety of cd, dvd, cosmetics, electronics, printing, box, greeting card, appliances, albums, Photo frame, frame products such as a single package or combination packaging for mass production

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